Dear Summer Movie Fan, I am writing this to you because it seems to me that you may not care enough about piracy. And you should! You seem to love movies. I hope you believe that the people who make the movies and television shows you love deserve to be... Read more

By: Lucy Sosa

When Lost first came out on iTunes back in 2005, when it was one of just five shows you could buy for $1.99 an episode, I remember thinking it was the best thing ever. Gone were the days of begging my Mom to drive me to Best Buy for the... Read more

By: Ruth Vitale, CEO CreativeFuture

There is so much political rhetoric flying through the air these days, you can be forgiven if your eyes glaze over at the thought of a deep dive into the intricacies of “H.R. 1695 – Register of Copyrights Selection and Accountability Act of 2017.” But amidst the chaotic shouting matches... Read more

crime scene

By: Richard N. Gladstein

Many of the films I have produced dramatize crimes and heists – Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and The Bourne Identity, among others. Safe to say, I know a crime when I see one. Last week at SXSW, I spoke about crime – in this case the multi-million dollar heists involving... Read more

What is CreativeFuture? CreativeFuture is a coalition of 490 companies and organizations and thousands of creative individuals encompassing film, television, music, photography, and book publishing. We promote the value of creativity, expanded digital access to legitimate content, and the fundamental right of creatives to determine how their works are distributed.... Read more

Tony Holley

By: Gregg LaGambina

Third in the series. This year, Georgia is set to surpass New York as the state with the second most film and television shows currently in production. The Peach State, of course, still has to catch up to California – that’s where Hollywood is, after all – but with the... Read more

Dear CreativeFuture Members, The House Judiciary Committee, led by Congressman Goodlatte and Congressman Conyers, recently released a proposal that “identifies important reforms to help ensure the Copyright Office keeps pace in the digital age.” With the release of this proposal, the Committee asked that comments from “interested stakeholders” (i.e., Us!)... Read more

Graphic by Dustin Stanton

By Elizabeth Frank and Ruth Vitale This is a movie ticket. In the United States, it costs an average of $8.00. That average includes $20 tickets for fancy dine-in theatres, IMAX tickets in New York City, $4 tickets for matinee shows in smaller cities, and children’s tickets. Movie-going is the... Read more

Photo by Alen-D

By Meyer Shwarzstein Meyer Shwarzstein has been engaged in film distribution since 1978 and currently runs indie producer/distributor Brainstorm Media, which he founded in 1995. Many people ask: “Why can’t all movies be available everywhere at the same time?” They believe that if that were the case, there’d be no... Read more

CreativeFuture and the copyright community need your help. As you know, the former Register of Copyrights, Maria Pallante, was removed from her post by the new Librarian of Congress in October. The Librarian has begun a search for a new Register. The first step in this process is a survey... Read more