Photo Courtesy of Martha De Laurentiis

Martha De Laurentiis formed the Dino De Laurentiis Company (DDLC) in 1980 with her partner and husband, Dino De Laurentiis, after a robust career in film production during the 1970s (The Dain Curse, Wolfen, Warriors, Prince of the City, Ragtime).

Beginning with a quintet of Stephen King stories, Martha helped spearhead a new studio in Wilmington, NC to accommodate the flurry of productions that came with the coming decades, while continuing to drive productions on the West Coast and abroad. Today, with more than 40 films, series, and mini-series to her name, Martha leads the company into the future with exciting projects that include NBC’s Hannibal, Barbarella, and the forthcoming series Gateway.

Photo Credit: Gianni Franchellucci