By: Adam Leipzig

My first job in any creative pursuit was in IATSE Local 44. IATSE is a labor union comprised of people who work the below-the-line jobs in film and television. I was a very junior set dresser and my first assignment on my first day was to go to a department... Read more

App Magic

By: Ruth Vitale

Mobile applications – the fun, useful programs that tell you how to get home, give you awesome bunny ears, introduce you to the love of your life, and let you text your friends across the world, and are cheap (maybe 99 cents) or even free – are being pirated like... Read more


Spanning the snowy slopes of Sundance to the grand canals of Venice, film festivals remain one of the most vital showcases to gain exposure and create buzz – for first-time filmmakers and industry vets alike. But now with thousands of festivals worldwide to choose from – each with its own... Read more

Mark Leibowitz

By: Lucy Sosa

Photographer Mark Leibowitz has a degree in Economics and Spanish from Stanford University but spent more time taking pictures than pondering trickle-down theory. After working as an international consultant in Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, and Buenos Aires, Mark quit his job at the age of 24 when he realized photographing... Read more

By: Ruth Vitale, CEO, CreativeFuture

Summer holidays are upon us! And it seems the right time for all of us at CreativeFuture to thank you, our friends and followers, for the success we’ve had in the last year or so. When we asked for your help, and needed you to #StandCreative, you were there –... Read more