Day after day after day, Facebook harms our society, our democracy, and our world.  Their role as a haven for piracy is just one small part of their bad business. That’s why we must all demand #PlatformAccountability – Facebook’s abuses must be curbed. What have they been up to lately?  Well, here... Read more

“To take from an artist is to take greatness from this world.” So says Matthew Cuban in the following video from a group of Los Angeles street poets about copyright and its importance to creativity and innovation in America. We are thrilled to partner with Macmillan Learning and a group... Read more

Advice for mainstream publications writing articles about streaming piracy: It is a crime. Treat it as such. It is a crime that impacts millions of creative livelihoods. Acknowledge them. Did we mention that it is a crime? Maybe don’t implicitly endorse it? On Monday, December 16, 2019, one of the... Read more

Another year, another series of blogs rounding up reasons for #PlatformAccountability from across the spectrum of political, cultural, and sociological discourse. Throughout the past year, we’ve regularly published posts chock full of quotes and comments describing the grave harms and indignities perpetrated by massive internet platform companies such as Facebook and Google. There has been no shortage of... Read more