Representative Hank Johnson, of Georgia, is Chairman of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet. Representative Johnson, thank you for agreeing to answer questions for our new Heroes on the Hill series of Q&A’s. Given your position as the Chair of the IP Subcommittee, we wanted to... Read more

Representative Roby, thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed. How did you come to be interested in intellectual property and copyright policy?  I always wanted to work in the music industry. I was a music major in college, graduating with a Bachelor of Music degree, and I worked for... Read more

Facebook’s Department of Responsible Innovation is staffing up. In February, the department hired the World Economic Forum’s former head of technology policy, Zvika Krieger, as its new “Director of Responsible Innovation.” Now, it seeks a “Responsible Innovation Manager” to work under Krieger and help the department in its mission. The notion of a “RESPONSIBLE”... Read more

Things seem to be going wrong faster than ever before, and isn’t it amazing how the world’s biggest internet companies always seem to be at the center of it? Facebook, per usual, has been “winning” the lion’s share of the public techlash but Google is in a downward spiral of its own. In... Read more

In November 2018, reeling from growing public outcry over toxic and harmful content on their platform, Facebook pledged to create an independent Oversight Board to assist with making its most important content moderation decisions.  More than 18 months later, the Board has materialized, with 20 inaugural members in what will ultimately... Read more

We want to express our heartfelt solidarity with the individuals, families, and communities in crisis. Our nation is hurting. Centuries of violence against black communities have left us hoping for justice and for peace and equality. As a community, we must do better to promote reconciliation and equality for all.... Read more