Meet Mitchell Block. He is the owner of Direct Cinema Limited, a production and distribution company specializing in under-the-radar documentaries, shorts, and other independent films that are only available through the company’s catalog. Block is a curator of the obscure and the avant-garde. His titles play frequently in colleges and libraries... Read more

The internet has given, and it has taken away. It has created abundant riches for some, and brought about staggering, even ruinous losses for others – and nowhere has this dichotomous paradigm been more apparent than in industries supported by copyright. People employed in the production of books, journalism, movies,... Read more

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is at it again – doing the bidding of their largest benefactors to the detriment of millions of American creatives who are looking toward their representatives in Congress to help them survive the scourge of digital piracy.  We all know that the EFF starts tweaking... Read more

Since the 2016 Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook’s reputation has been on a much-deserved downward spiral, while Google has happily stepped back and watched Facebook grab the bulk of the bad news headlines. That’s kind of strange because, during that time, Google has paid an aggregate nine billion dollars worth of antitrust fines... Read more