It’s been a long, tough year – and yes, we are as tired of hearing that sentiment as you are. That is why we suggest taking a much-deserved break from, well, the world this Thanksgiving and just living your best life for a few days. If you are anything like... Read more

In July, The New York Times reported on an organization called the Global Antitrust Institute (GAI), a think tank funded by the likes of Google and other Big Tech heavyweights. Its goal, per the newspaper: to wine and dine, cajole, pamper, and influence government officials around the world who enforce competition laws. Offering opulent... Read more

Well, it’s come to this. What The Atlantic has called “the most consequential election ever” is days away. With a lot of help from platforms like Google, it may also be the most contested election ever. We have already had a catastrophic preview of what can happen around election time when Big Tech platforms... Read more