By CreativeFuture

Dear Google Human Resources, Your former Head of Copyright, Fred von Lohmann, left his position earlier this year, prompting Google to place a job posting to fill his vacancy. Following a thorough analysis by our in-house team of creativity defenders, we at CreativeFuture have determined that certain key details of... Read more

By Ruth Vitale

I’m still reeling from June 27th – which is the day that I must have accidentally stepped into a parallel universe, a topic I know a lot about. Why? Because I love science fiction. I must read a sci-fi book every two weeks – it’s true! So even as an... Read more

By Justin Sanders

In June, we checked in on some of the commentary surrounding the endlessly-burning hair pile that is the technology industry at the moment – offering “14 Brilliant Comments on the Importance of Platform Responsibility in Big Tech.” Since then, Facebook has continued to be dodgy about where its user data has... Read more

By CreativeFuture

Last month, the National Telecommunications and Information Association (NTIA) asked the public for comments on how the NTIA should prioritize their future internet policy initiatives. Many of you will ask, “what is the NTIA?” The NTIA is an agency that advises the President on telecommunication and information policy issues. Their... Read more