Since the 2016 Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook’s reputation has been on a much-deserved downward spiral, while Google has happily stepped back and watched them grab the bulk of the bad news headlines. Meanwhile, during that same time, Google has paid an aggregate nine billion dollars worth of antitrust fines dished out by the... Read more

Here we are … again. Mark Zuckerberg was chewed out (again) on Capitol Hill.  Google enraged their employees (again) by trying to spy on them and for siding with China (again).  Cloudflare was outed (again) for refusing to crack down on criminal behavior on their network. In other words, here is the latest installment in our ongoing coverage... Read more

Just when you thought the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) couldn’t possibly hate creatives more than they already do, they’ve now appointed one of the greatest anti-copyright champs of them all: UC Berkeley professor Pamela Samuelson. Over many decades in academia, Samuelson has worked diligently to weaken copyright protections so that massive internet companies... Read more

Dear Mark Zuckerberg, Well, here we are again, sharing our outrage about your company’s seriously flawed system of monitoring “political” advertisements on your platform.  We both know why we’re putting quotes around the word, “political.” We’ve been over this before – back in January, in fact, when we wrote you to complain about... Read more