As Europe’s Article 13 – and YouTube’s increasingly dirty efforts to stop it – has grabbed the lion’s share of copyright-related headlines in recent weeks, our government has quietly been stepping up its game against intellectual property theft here in the States.    In the ongoing trade battle with China, our... Read more

In 2012, Choire Sicha at The Awl voiced a concern about Pinterest being entirely dependent on copyright infringement — calling it “delightful, addictive, and theft.” Sicha also commented on the platform presenting an even greater problem than Napster and Megaupload. Bold statement, right?! Is there some truth to it? Serving as an... Read more

A new year, a new Congress … and the sixth installment in our series featuring brilliant commentary by others about the endlessly burning dumpster fire that is Big Tech! 2018 ended with yet another Facebook face palm, with new reports showing that the company gave corporate clients intrusive access to user... Read more