Donna Maloney

By: Gregg LaGambina

Eleventh in the series. Donna Maloney’s story cannot be told without talking about her friend and mentor, Ann Roth. The working relationship between Maloney and Roth should make the most cynical among us believe in something like fate, purpose, or the idea that sometimes you cross paths with just the... Read more

By: Ruth Vitale, CEO CreativeFuture

There is so much political rhetoric flying through the air these days, you can be forgiven if your eyes glaze over at the thought of a deep dive into the intricacies of “H.R. 1695 – Register of Copyrights Selection and Accountability Act of 2017.” But amidst the chaotic shouting matches... Read more

Christine Hilberg

By: Lucy Sosa

Eighth in the series. It’s not a secret that magazines, brands, and advertisers retouch their images. Ever since Adobe Photoshop was released in 1987, the ability to alter images by cropping them or changing their color has revolutionized photography. It’s also not a secret that overly “Photoshopped” images have landed many... Read more

Patrick Clair

By: Gregg LaGambina

Sixth in the series. Director Patrick Clair uses the word “lucky” a lot. This might just be a reflection of his current mood. This past year, Clair won his second Creative Arts Emmy for “Outstanding Main Title Design” for Amazon Studios’ The Man in the High Castle. In 2014, he earned... Read more

crime scene

By: Richard N. Gladstein

Many of the films I have produced dramatize crimes and heists – Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and The Bourne Identity, among others. Safe to say, I know a crime when I see one. Last week at SXSW, I spoke about crime – in this case the multi-million dollar heists involving... Read more

What is CreativeFuture? CreativeFuture is a coalition of 490 companies and organizations and thousands of creative individuals encompassing film, television, music, photography, and book publishing. We promote the value of creativity, expanded digital access to legitimate content, and the fundamental right of creatives to determine how their works are distributed.... Read more