The internet has given, and it has taken away. It has created abundant riches for some, and brought about staggering, even ruinous losses for others – and nowhere has this dichotomous paradigm been more apparent than in industries supported by copyright. People employed in the production of books, journalism, movies,... Read more

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is at it again – doing the bidding of their largest benefactors to the detriment of millions of American creatives who are looking toward their representatives in Congress to help them survive the scourge of digital piracy.  We all know that the EFF starts tweaking... Read more

Breaking their own exorbitant lobbyist-spending records has become a regular occurrence for Google – but that’s just one tool in their toolkit of political influence. Google also makes friends and influences people by soliciting scholarship at leading university campuses throughout the country. While dressed up as “research grants,” Google enriches a... Read more

Like many public organizations with strong opinions, we find that our social media posts attract a lot of strong support as well as a number of misinformed, mean-spirited, and even downright crazy online comments. We love our supporters and we silently curse the idiots who have nothing useful to offer.... Read more