Patrick Clair

By: Gregg LaGambina

Sixth in the series. Director Patrick Clair uses the word “lucky” a lot. This might just be a reflection of his current mood. This past year, Clair won his second Creative Arts Emmy for “Outstanding Main Title Design” for Amazon Studios’ The Man in the High Castle. In 2014, he earned... Read more

crime scene

By: Richard N. Gladstein

Many of the films I have produced dramatize crimes and heists – Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and The Bourne Identity, among others. Safe to say, I know a crime when I see one. Last week at SXSW, I spoke about crime – in this case the multi-million dollar heists involving... Read more

What is CreativeFuture? CreativeFuture is a coalition of 490 companies and organizations and thousands of creative individuals encompassing film, television, music, photography, and book publishing. We promote the value of creativity, expanded digital access to legitimate content, and the fundamental right of creatives to determine how their works are distributed.... Read more

Tony Holley

By: Gregg LaGambina

Third in the series. This year, Georgia is set to surpass New York as the state with the second most film and television shows currently in production. The Peach State, of course, still has to catch up to California – that’s where Hollywood is, after all – but with the... Read more

In celebration of the nominees for the 2017 Independent Spirit Awards and everyone who loves movies, CreativeFuture has assembled this guide for this year’s winning and nominated films. Here you’ll find legitimate sources to watch the movies whether they are in theatres or available to watch at home. We congratulate... Read more

Dear CreativeFuture Members, The House Judiciary Committee, led by Congressman Goodlatte and Congressman Conyers, recently released a proposal that “identifies important reforms to help ensure the Copyright Office keeps pace in the digital age.” With the release of this proposal, the Committee asked that comments from “interested stakeholders” (i.e., Us!)... Read more