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Hollywood is rife with cinematographers, but it’s a safe bet that only one of them has had the distinction of crafting on-screen imagery for both Seth Rogen and Rob Zombie. His name is Brandon Trost, and, at the age of 36, his resume already includes director of photography (DP) roles... Read more

In celebration of the nominees for the 74th Golden Globe Awards® and everyone who loves movies and television, CreativeFuture has assembled this guide for this year’s winning and nominated films and TV shows. Here you’ll find legitimate sources to watch these movies and TV programs whether they are in theatres... Read more

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Nestled among science labs on the University of Southern California’s tree-filled Los Angeles campus, Dr. Clifford Johnson’s faculty office immediately reveals itself as a temple devoted to the intersection of science, art, and creativity. It’s the ideal workspace for the disarmingly charismatic, ultra-erudite physics professor who’s become one of Hollywood’s... Read more


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Even before your favorite films hit theatres, many were first screened at film festivals. For the past 85 years, festivals have been vital to the global film industry and popular culture at large. They have opened doors for generations of emerging artists, fulfilled dreams, heralded shifts in the kinds of... Read more

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“I love the energy loop that’s created when you get people fired up,” Miriam Cutler says, explaining what drew her into a most unexpected professional journey. For over twenty years, Cutler has beaten the odds to make a successful career as a film composer in Hollywood. And she’s managed to... Read more


[The] latest piracy threat [is] even more worrisome to the music industry: stream ripping. – Wall Street Journal, September 12, 2016 Recently, Taylor Swift debuted her latest single, “Look What You Made Me Do,” online to great viral fanfare – quickly smashing records in its wake. On YouTube, the song’s... Read more