Breaking their own exorbitant lobbyist-spending records has become a regular occurrence for Google – but that’s just one tool in their toolkit of political influence. Google also makes friends and influences people by soliciting scholarship at leading university campuses throughout the country. While dressed up as “research grants,” Google enriches a... Read more

Like many public organizations with strong opinions, we find that our social media posts attract a lot of strong support as well as a number of misinformed, mean-spirited, and even downright crazy online comments. We love our supporters and we silently curse the idiots who have nothing useful to offer.... Read more

It’s now been more than a year since the explosion of the Cambridge Analytica scandal rocked Facebook to its core. Since then, the social network has endured a relentless, seemingly incessant spate of self-inflicted blunders and PR disasters. Their list of mishaps and misdeeds has grown so long, you would... Read more

You’re tired. Tired of the data breaches, the fake news, the foreign meddling, and the vile rhetoric from partisan trolls. Tired of scandal. Tired of feeling manipulated by algorithms and smug CEOs offering patchwork solutions that fail to wholeheartedly address the problems at their core. You’re tired of social media,... Read more