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StandCreative™ Series II shines a spotlight on jobs in the creative industries that many people overlook or simply never knew existed. Location managers, set photographers, costume designers, special effects makeup artists, book cover illustrators, graphic designers, producers, and even a tattoo artist share stories about their work – how they got started, their first big break, and offer advice about how to make a career in the arts from these specialized skills.

By Justin Sanders

While shooting the film he won an Oscar for, The Revenant, Leonardo DiCaprio made headlines for the hardships he endured outdoors in subzero temperatures. But the hardest job on that film may have occurred indoors, in a room rarely thought about by people not involved with post-production – the coloring... Read more

By Justin Sanders

With its retro-cool ‘80s Cold War backdrop and ongoing parade of character disguises, the now wrapped FX thriller The Americans would have been a fantastic gig for even the most seasoned of costume designers. For Katie Irish, it was her first job as a lead costume designer in television. “It was... Read more

By Kristina Ensminger

Janice Poon is the embodiment of creativity. Her pursuits as a professional creative have taken her to advertising agencies, butcher shops, television shows, and shopping malls. She’s best known for her work as a food stylist on the hit series Hannibal and the first season of American Gods. However, she’s also... Read more