As educators, you know that young people are naturally creative. But how do we encourage ethical and safe creative expression in the digital age?

CreativeFuture works with our members and educators to bring workshops and career development sessions to K-12 schools and universities that promote creativity in the classroom and beyond. We also support the nonprofit iKeepSafe, which provides free and trusted drop-in modules that prepare K-12 students to behave ethically online and helps them understand their rights and responsibilities as 21st century creatives and consumers.

Get to know the issue

Technology brings us innovation and new convenient ways for us to watch movies and TV shows, listen to music, play games, and even read books. It also creates new opportunities for students to create and share their work online. However, this innovation has also contributed to the devaluation of creative work and given rise to the for-profit digital theft of those works.

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Piracy myths debunked

No matter the justification – there is truly no reason that someone should steal the creative work of another person either online or in the real world.

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Past events

View past school events organized by CreativeFuture.

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Read what Educators have to say about the iKeepSafe curriculum supported by CreativeFuture.

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