StandCreative™ Introduction

Too often, the value of your work – its contribution to our culture and to the global economy – is undermined by its easy availability through an ever-expanding network of digital distribution platforms. As creative works become easier to access, some of us can become lulled into taking the work of artists for granted.

Of course, there are pirates too, who exploit that easy availability by stealing the work of others and distributing it illegally for profit. Pirates simply do not care – or do not know – about the financial harm they are inflicting on working people who often never get to set foot on a red carpet, on a stage, on a best-seller list, appear in front of (or behind) a camera, or find themselves on a magazine cover.

With our StandCreative™ Series, we hope to change the perception that art is “easy” by putting a face to some of the hardworking people who are trying to make a living by doing what they love. We’ll hear from emerging and established artists – across all creative disciplines – who have struggled to protect their works online and professionals that work behind-the-scenes doing jobs you might never have heard of before, but are a vital part of the process of bringing the spark of an idea to its full fruition.

Most importantly, the act of creating a meaningful piece of work can be a solitary and sometimes lonely experience. CreativeFuture’s StandCreative™ initiative hopes to bring together the creative communities – to use our collective, unified, and powerful voice to speak up about the value of creativity.

Because when we StandCreative™, we stand together.

Be sure to check out all three of our StandCreative™ series to learn more about our creative community.

Series I features creatives telling their own stories about what they do and how piracy has affected their ability to make a living.

Series II goes behind the scenes of jobs in the creative industries that many people overlook or simply never knew existed.

Series III, “Our Heroes on the Hill,” introduces some of the men and women in Congress who fight for our rights daily – helping to preserve the innovation, culture, and industries to which copyright is essential.